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Rev Elder Freda Smith --  MCC Evangelist Rev Elder Freda Smith -- MCC Evangelist

About This Ministry -- By Rev.Elder  Freda About This Ministry -- By Rev.Elder Freda

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Rev Elder Freda Smith


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To hear General Conferrence Sermon July 2016 Victoria B.C 

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Presently writing "A  Pillar of Fire by Night: A Memoir of a Journey into Tomorrow". 

Book One: Egypt is nearing completion. 

Book Two:  The Backside of the Desert is in outline

"Can you imagine finding yourself in 1951?" Before Stonewall. Before the group which would become the Mattachine Society had incorporated.  Before the Daughters of Bilitis was formed. When no church or religious organization was open to us.  When every legal system in  the United States criminalized our love.  And when the medical  world  treated our so -called "insanity" with lobotomies and electric shock . . . 

An old Spiritual says it best:

"Draw back the curtain of memory now and then
"Show me where you brought me from 
"And where I might have been
"Remember I'm human
"and humans forget
"So remind me
"Remind me
"Dear God."


Freda Smith Is:

--A political activist in California, known for tireless advocacy working for women's and minority rights.

Freda Smith was  active  in Bobby Kennedy's  presidential campaign. After his assassination on June 6, 1968 she was compelled to "come out" publicly as a lesbian as well as a feminist  to work to change laws in California and the United States of America.. This was "before Stonewall," and very few members of the gay community were open about their orientation. Homosexuality was a criminal offense in California, as well as condemned by the church and diagnosed as a mental disease. Freda became co-chair of the California Committee for Sexual Law Reform and worked for the passage of Assemblyman Willie Brown's consenting adult law. It was during this lobbying effort that she wrote her narrative poem Dear Dora/Dangerous Derek Diesel 

--During a lobbying effort for the passage of the bill, Freda read :""Dear Dora/Dangerous Derek Diesel Dyke," to a select group of legislators. Lt. Governor Merv Dymally  was visibly moved by the poem and stated that the poem had ""opened his eyes."" Later, Dymally historically broke the tie that had deadlocked the California Senate to pass California's "Consenting Adults Law: AB437.

   Frieda Smith Tells It Like It Is August 28, 1971 Speaking for Our Lives: Historic Speeches and Rhetoric for Gay and Lesbian for Gay and Lesbian Rights edited by Robert B. Marks Ridinger. This speech was the last one given in Sacramento, California, at the end of the march on the California state capitol on June 25, 1971, led by Reverend Troy Perry to support the AB437, a state bill introduced by Willie Brown to legalize homosexual acts in private between consenting adults. Contemporary reportage by The Advocate describes this as one of the two most militant addresses given at the rally. Speaking for Our LivesHistoric Speeches and Rhetoric (1892-2000) By Robert B Marks Ridinger.

 (Freda's name has often been spelled phonetically by the press: "Freida," "Frieda, Frida,Freeda, her birth name is "Alfreda: ")

--She first met the Reverend Elder Troy Perry on the steps of the Capitol of the State of California.

--Both were speakers for a rally to pass the "Consenting Adults Law," to decriminalize gay relationships in California.


Speaker at  Christopher Street West

First Gay Pride Day LA  Freda with Microphone between Morris Kite and Troy Perry 

(Freda's hand on Troy's shoulder)